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  • Ella Jalley business cards

    January 10, 2020 by Jeremy Hickman

    Instagram star Ella Jalley has started a new business venture providing her makeup services to clients. Her initial requirement was a set of professionally designed business cards to hand to new and prospective clients.

    The cards were printed on 400gsm paper stock with a luxury soft-touch finish. Elements of the design were picked out in a spot gloss finish for a very eye-catching look.

    Simple branding was established for Ella, using some of her ideas, and a strong font from Google to create impact.

  • 4D Contact website

    September 13, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    The website started life as a single page which set out the services offered by 4D Contact, who they are aimed at, the benefits provided, and a contact form.

    As the business has scaled, we have expanded the site to include additional pages, and – most recently – a blog (‘Insights’) section. This additional content will assist with SEO, as well as the overall marketing activities. Being able to scale the site was a key requirement, and which is why WordPress was selected as the platform, even though the site started as just a single page, as this allows easy scalability.

    The project included designing the branding and overall design language for 4D Contact, which has since been rolled out to other collateral such as business cards and an eBook.

  • The Wave Clinic website

    April 1, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    The Wave Clinic (formerly West Sussex Personal Therapy) is the trading name of Holly Simmonds, a highly qualified therapist. Holly needed a new website as her previous designer had ceased trading, and various changes needed to be made to the site.

    Having assessed the website and the number of improvements that could be made, we agreed to start with a clean-sheet approach, including rebranding under the Wave Clinic name.

    The site now clearly communicates the services that are available and who they’re aimed at. The service is presented in a more approachable and friendly manner, with an easy way to get in touch and book an appointment.

    Build on WordPress using a bespoke Theme, the site would be easy to expand and offers the ability to easily add further counsellors should the business scale in the future.

    The new branding was designed to link to the earlier design through the use of the butterfly device, but has been brought up to date with a relaxed font and simplified graphics.

  • The Wave Clinic business cards

    March 10, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    To include the new design and branding established on The Wave Clinic’s new website, new business cards were required.

    These cards are printed on 400gsm paper stock with a silk finish. Subtle highlights are picked out with a spot gloss finish for a distinctive touch.

    The front of the cards feature the design from the new website, and the reverse features all the key contact details and accreditation logos, to make it easy for existing and prospective customers to get in touch.

  • Top Dog Travels website

    November 2, 2018 by Jeremy Hickman

    Lynne Embling & Vanessa McNair formed their new venture, Top Dog Travels, in the summer of 2018.  They required a homepage and landing page to support their first offering – a driving experience in Swedish Lapland.  This was a clean-sheet design, which required branding as well as website design.

    A fast turnaround was required as the date of the first event was fixed from the outset, with the website and landing pages being needed to publicise this.  The site was built as a bespoke Theme on WordPress using the Bootstrap 4 toolkit for rapid development, with the design being created in Sketch.

    Lynne’s experience as a copywriter, and her confidence with WordPress enabled her to work in tandem with me, adding content to templates as they were created.

    The design is modular and will allow for further landing pages to be created from a base template.  A blog is the next development, with plans to add this by the end of 2018.

  • Cornish Holiday Cottage St.Erth website

    April 15, 2016 by Jeremy Hickman

    Needing a website to publicise their exquisite holiday-let, the owners of this cottage approached me to help them develop some simple branding and website design to best showcase their property’s key features.

    The was is built on a bespoke theme for WordPress. This provides an easy-to-use CMS so the client can update and maintain the content on their website.

    Future developments include online availability checking, and online booking.

  • Minitron Racing website

    July 15, 2015 by Jeremy Hickman

    Asked by Minitron owner Innes to redesign his older site, I have designed an image-led website to showcase his racing success, and his work with other drivers and their cars.

    The site is built as a bespoke theme on WordPress for easy ongoing maintenance.

  • Mark Reader Integrative Therapist website

    December 14, 2014 by Jeremy Hickman

    Mark needed a website to promote his business and approached me for help. As well as designing the site, Mark needed a brand identity which has since been rolled out to his business cards and social media profiles for a consistent and professional appearance.

    The website is built in WordPress and uses custom post types to organise the content into sections for easier maintenance – pages, blog posts, services, and so on.

    The site has comprehensive content about Mark’s services and also features audio clips for further information.

  • Brighton and Hove Carpets business cards

    September 6, 2013 by Jeremy Hickman

    Following development of a new website and a brand identity, Brighton and Hove Carpets needed some business cards in order to further improve the professionalism and consistency of their customer-facing materials.

    The cards were designed in Photoshop to print-resolution and uploaded to a digital online printer who prepared the cards on high-quality thick card.


  • Brighton and Hove Carpets website

    August 28, 2013 by Jeremy Hickman

    Local startup venture Brighton and Hove Carpets needed a simple website to outline their products and services, and explain their values to their potential customers.

    A bespoke theme was developed for WordPress, which seemed the most effective way to give the client an easy-to-use CMS to maintain and update the site in the future.

    Future plans for the company include selling carpets online.

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