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  • Local Data Company website

    October 1, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    LDC wanted to update their website, and they had prepared a design in-house but lacked the necessary skills to turn this into a bespoke set of HubSpot templates.

    Working closely with their marketing and design teams, I helped them turn their design into reality. This involved some design support where required, in producing web-ready graphics.

    The project needed careful management from design through to production, including handling a large number of redirects to ensure that the existing SEO was not compromised.

  • 4D Contact website

    September 13, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    The website started life as a single page which set out the services offered by 4D Contact, who they are aimed at, the benefits provided, and a contact form.

    As the business has scaled, we have expanded the site to include additional pages, and – most recently – a blog (‘Insights’) section. This additional content will assist with SEO, as well as the overall marketing activities. Being able to scale the site was a key requirement, and which is why WordPress was selected as the platform, even though the site started as just a single page, as this allows easy scalability.

    The project included designing the branding and overall design language for 4D Contact, which has since been rolled out to other collateral such as business cards and an eBook.

  • ClearWills website

    July 1, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

  • The Wave Clinic website

    April 1, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    The Wave Clinic (formerly West Sussex Personal Therapy) is the trading name of Holly Simmonds, a highly qualified therapist. Holly needed a new website as her previous designer had ceased trading, and various changes needed to be made to the site.

    Having assessed the website and the number of improvements that could be made, we agreed to start with a clean-sheet approach, including rebranding under the Wave Clinic name.

    The site now clearly communicates the services that are available and who they’re aimed at. The service is presented in a more approachable and friendly manner, with an easy way to get in touch and book an appointment.

    Build on WordPress using a bespoke Theme, the site would be easy to expand and offers the ability to easily add further counsellors should the business scale in the future.

    The new branding was designed to link to the earlier design through the use of the butterfly device, but has been brought up to date with a relaxed font and simplified graphics.

  • Vine-Works website

    January 13, 2019 by Jeremy Hickman

    Unhappy with their previous website, Vine-Works approached me to help them redevelop their site. The key aims were to improve the presentation, and also make the maintenance of the site easier for them, as they manage this in-house.

    At the same time, Vine-Works had slightly updated their branding, so it was a good time to reflect the new fonts, colours and logo on the website.

    The site was constructed on WordPress, as the Vine-Works team are already familiar with this platform and find it easy to use. WordPress also offered the ability to easily add additional functions such as e-Commerce to the new site due to its flexibility and scalability. The new website uses a bespoke Theme with a wide range of templates, with the content organised in the WordPress dashboard using custom post types.

  • Horsham Sports Club website

    December 4, 2018 by Jeremy Hickman

    Working closely with the team at Horsham Sports Club, we wanted to devise a website that more clearly set out the wide range of sports available at the club, offered within each of its distinct sections, as well as showing the large number of different events that are hosted at the venue.

    Whilst the existing HSC branding couldn’t change too much the club also wanted to update this a little, to present the club in a more modern light, and bring them up to date.

    The project was build on WordPress as the club were used to this platform, and it also offered a great basis on which to build the various additional features and functions that were wanted, such as events, news, and a powerful search function.

  • Top Dog Travels website

    November 2, 2018 by Jeremy Hickman

    Lynne Embling & Vanessa McNair formed their new venture, Top Dog Travels, in the summer of 2018.  They required a homepage and landing page to support their first offering – a driving experience in Swedish Lapland.  This was a clean-sheet design, which required branding as well as website design.

    A fast turnaround was required as the date of the first event was fixed from the outset, with the website and landing pages being needed to publicise this.  The site was built as a bespoke Theme on WordPress using the Bootstrap 4 toolkit for rapid development, with the design being created in Sketch.

    Lynne’s experience as a copywriter, and her confidence with WordPress enabled her to work in tandem with me, adding content to templates as they were created.

    The design is modular and will allow for further landing pages to be created from a base template.  A blog is the next development, with plans to add this by the end of 2018.

  • Love Removals website

    March 1, 2018 by Jeremy Hickman

    Love Removals needed to update their website as their existing one wasn’t representing themselves as well as they wanted, and there were also some SEO limitations which were preventing them from ranking as well as they wanted in search results.

    I have built a bespoke WordPress theme for them, with great SEO optimisation built-in from the start, and a fresh design and new colour palette to go with their existing branding.

    A range of icons were designed and used to illustrate Love Removal’s services, together with some images of the team and their vehicles.

    Prominent Calls To Action are on every page to ensure that it’s easy for a potential customer to get in touch and receive a quote.

  • Mia landing page

    November 16, 2017 by Jeremy Hickman

    Integral to Mia’s new website, I have designed a suite of landing pages to support Strategic‘s inbound marketing activities.

    The landing pages are part of a website I have built for Mia on WordPress using my page designs, following a full website review and audit from an inbound marketing, lead generation and SEO point of view.

    Shown here, is a version of the landing page featuring a video case study in the header, together with options to download an eBook or to book a consultation – providing the viewer with plenty of useful content and excellent engagement prospects.

  • Mia website

    by Jeremy Hickman

    Mia’s previous website suitable for their lead-generation objectives and they were generally unhappy with the overall design of the site.

    Working with Strategic, who were Initially brought in to undertake a website review from a design, SEO, and lead generation perspective, I was ultimately asked to provide a series of new page designs for Mia to show how the existing design and branding could be repurposed to help overcome the shortcomings of their present site.

    This led to me being asked to build a new site for Mia on WordPress, creating a bespoke theme using my new page designs – with inbound marketing, lead generation and SEO as priorities from the first line of code onwards.

    The site includes prominent calls to action, landing pages and a blog, giving Mia all the collateral they require to generate the leads they’re seeking.

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