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Created by Jeremy Hickman


To go with the new website, Coalis Coaching owner Veronique wanted a new brand logo. Using a palette of blues a lilacs, with an interlinked pair of letter C’s the logo represents the reflective nature of Veronique’s business, where she listens and coaches her clients.

Strong typography using Google Fonts’ Raleway in extra bold underneath the CC logo completes the branding, for a distinctive and memorable design.

About the client

Coalis Coaching works with individuals directly or via corporate coaching programs to identify and clarify objectives either in the individual's professional or personal life, and helps put a comprehensive action plan into place. Offering one-to-one coaching, group coaching sessions or human resources consultancy services, Coalis Coaching offers a comprehensive solution.

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Colour palette


102, 114, 180


103, 149, 199


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242, 246, 249


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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Client testimonials

Jeremy built our website, making it clear and structured. Working with Jeremy was very efficient. Jeremy handles things efficiently and was available for any questions. We highly recommend working with him!

Veronique Salle-Fertat

Coalis Coaching

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Let’s make you a great website!

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