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SAAF Education use the popular HubSpot CRM and wanted to implement their new website on this platform to get the full advantage of the close-loop reporting and tight integration of HubSpot’s CRM features for their sales and marketing team.

SEO research was carried out initially by an expert search consultant who analysed the performance of SAAF’s old website, and provided keyword research, a site map, and recommendations for page titles, headings and meta descriptions. These recommendations informed the design and structure of the new site ensuring a data-backed approach for better performance potential in search engines and user experience (UX).

I created the website for them using a custom HubSpot Theme together with a series of templates and modules – all developed from scratch. The templates and modules are arranged in a variety of combinations to create the various pages and sections that comprise the site, making it relatively easy for SAAFs internal teams to alter pages swiftly, whilst always remaining on-brand.

About the client

SAAF Education provides business services in the education sector, providing schools, academies, free schools and multi-academy trusts with cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs. SAAF Education's support services have been robustly developed over time by industry-leading experts, equipping their clients with the right tools, resources, and support allowing them to focus on educational excellence and pupil care.

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SAAF Education

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Always bespoke


Web Design

Web Design

Responsive layout

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Custom modules
and templates


Custom jQuery

Colour palette


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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Client testimonials

Thank you for all your hard work Jeremy, we are so pleased with our new website.

It has been great working with you.

Mia Penny

Head of Marketing

SAAF Education

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