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Once your website is completed, to ensure continued support you can take out a Care and Maintenance plan for an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee.  Depending on how often you need our help, this can work out to be much better value than paying for support on an ad-hoc basis.

What’s included?

Your support agreement covers the following items – for a fixed monthly fee.

  • WordPress core and plugin updates to protect your site’s security and integrity
    • Updates are run at least once a month
    • Updates are fully tested to ensure that the updates will not cause problems with your website before they are deployed to the Live site.
  • As many page content changes as you need (subject an overall agreed allowance of time per month – depending on your needs):
    • Changes or additions to text on existing pages
    • Changes or additions to images or video on existing pages
    • New pages set up using existing templates
  • By having an ongoing relationship with us, you’ll get to know about changes to best practices or statutory changes that may affect you or your site
  • General advice and support, during office-hours, Monday to Friday.

Terms and conditions and fair usage terms apply.

Terms & Conditions

Your monthly support fee is due on the first of each calendar month and is payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit.  You can cancel your support agreement at any time (after the initial minimum 12 month period) and cover ends at the end of the calendar month paid for.

The agreement does not cover the cost of major design changes to a page template (minor changes are usually ok), nor does it apply to site redesigns.

Additional photos or graphics must be supplied by you.  The cost of searching for, and purchasing photos, images and videos is not included, but we do include resizing, optimising, placing, and ensuring Accessibility compliance.







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